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Currently accepting new clients!
Individual Voice Lessons for Singing and Speaking

Individual voice lessons, either in-person or online, are perfect for individualized work. We’ll review the Steps to Success workshop material and move on to apply what you’ve learned to singing songs or arias or giving speeches or whatever is important to you, vocally speaking. My studio is located in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood on 32nd Ave.

Singers, most of my singing clients over the years have been women so I'm very successful working with all voice categories; also, being a low bass myself, I specialize in working with basses and bass-baritones.

50-minute sessions are $65 ($260 per month) and scheduled by mutual agreement.

Save some bucks and go for ongoing weekly sessions at $240 per month, ($20 off). The deal is that you won't get a refund if you miss a session for any reason but, on the other hand, in months with 5 weeks, which happens about 4 times per year, you'll get one free, a $260 savings per year. 


If you prefer sessions every other week, the monthly payment is $120, which is $10 off and, depending on the fickle calendar, you may get one free once in a while. There are no refunds for missed sessions, but you have the option of rescheduling when/if I'm available.

I have experience working with transgender voice issues so individual sessions are a perfect platform for growth.

Once payment is made, there are no refunds.


"I took a six-session class from Bertram on the McClosky Method, which is a technique to help keep the vocal chords happy and healthy. Bertram's love of singing, true enjoyment in helping others, warmth and sense of humor make him a fabulous teacher. I would highly recommend him and look forward to taking additional classes with him in the future!"
– Theresa Redfern

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