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My Guarantee

Whether you’re a professional, amateur, beginning singer, an actor, marketer, teacher, lawyer, preacher, receptionist, call center employee, or anyone who uses their voice a lot (which is most people), I guarantee that I can help you improve your voice so you can be even more effective at your job or sing with renewed vitality, and keep your voice healthy.*

Perhaps you struggle with any of these voice related frustrations:

  • Lack of endurance

  • A weak voice or inability to project

  • Constantly being asked to repeat yourself

  • Trouble accessing your whole range with ease

  • “Breaks” and other limiting issues

  • Vocal fry

  • Your voice “giving out” just when you need it to soar

  • Repetitive hoarseness and strain

  • Being hoarse after work

  • Stage fright

  • Limited flexibility

  • Monotone speaking

  • Needing to grab breaths too often

  • Running out of breath before making it to the end of sentences

  • Inability to speak or sing long phrases

  • Trouble singing expressively

  • Those for whom English is a second language

  • Wabbles, bleats, breathiness, and other unpleasant sounds…


I guarantee* that it’s all fixable but there are three caveats:

  1. You must be willing to slow down and create the mentality of a blank canvas no matter how long you've been speaking, singing, or studying.

  2. You must become sensitive to how your body wants to sing and speak through deep listening and body-awareness.

  3. Questions and challenges are welcome, but you must agree trust the process as I lead you through it and withhold judgement until you've worked with me for a while.

To quote the great voice teacher, David Blair McClosky, “Make hast slowly.”

*A couple of important disclaimers:

  • Damage or disease: I can’t offer this guarantee to anyone who suffers from vocal damage or disease. With a few exceptions, I can certainly help, but only with guidance from a laryngologist.

  • Tone deafness: In my experience, a lot of people think they’re tone-deaf but most of the time it’s just because they haven’t trained so once they engage in the process, magically, they aren’t tone-deaf anymore. I’ve taught a lot of them. However, actual tone-deafness is extremely rare, uncurable, and usually passed down through families. I have worked with people with varying degrees of tone-deafness and had limited success so there are no guarantees for correcting actual tone-deafness.

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